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Developmental PROGRAMME

A gymnast, male or female has to invited into the developmental programme . If during Gymstart classes we identify a child who we believe has good potential, we may invite that child into the Developmental Programme. We base this generally on natural talent, strength, flexibility and the “bounce” of the child, which can be tested to determine potential. Entry into this programme is by invitation only. There is no onus on the child to accept the invitation. He or she may wish to continue in our Gymstart programme .

A gymnast in the developmental programme will train 3 times a week with each class between 1.5 to 2 hours. Children in this class are also expected to train on strength and flexibility at home.

Boys and girls will train on all apparatus.

Developmental gymnasts aim to compete in Gymnastic Irelands Gymstart Competition in March and for girls in Gymnastics Ireland Level 1 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics National Championships depending on the timing of the event. Both competitions are a floor and vault competition for girls and are an excellent way to introduce our young competitive gymnasts to the competition floor.

Cognitive Skills and Healthy Bones

Excercise is paramount to a childs congnitive development and Gymnastics is one of the best ways to improve cognitive skills. It is also weigth bearing so helps to strangthen and build strong bones

Confidence and Self Esteem

As with any new activity learned and mastered to some degree, it brings confidence and self esteem at having achieved a new skill.

Fun Fun Fun

Children love rolling and tumbling around and the Portlaosie Gymnastic center has a fantasic facilty to accomodate classes in a fun, safe, supervised and friendly environment.


Best club in the world. Couldn’t wish for a safer & more nurturing place for mt child.

Sylvia Rouget

Absolute brilliant gymnastics club run by absolutely brilliant people

Melanie Adlem



Portlaoise Gymnastics Club

Hours & Commitment

A child in the developmental class can expect to train 2 to 3 times a week with each class between 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs

Summer and easter Holiday Camps