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Toddlers Classes

Toddlers Gymnastics

Gymnastics For Young Children

Classes are 1 hour in length. Children are introduced to gymnastics in a fun, safe and friendly environment. Children learn basic rolls, jumps, and shapes, to improve their core conditioning while balance is improved by walking on low beams etc.
Apart from the children gaining physical benefits from this class there is also a huge social benefit .
For a lot of children it is their first experience where the must interact with children of similar age , learn to stay in line , learn to do what the coach instructs them to do etc so it is a great tool in getting them ready for a classroom situation.
Once a child is attending school they can no longer attend a toddler class and must progress to a Gymstart class.

Cognitive Skills and Healthy Bones

Excercise is paramount to a childs congnitive development and Gymnastics is one of the best ways to improve cognitive skills. It is also weigth bearing so helps to strangthen and build strong bones

Confidence and Self Esteem

As with any new activity learned and mastered to some degree, it brings confidence and self esteem at having achieved a new skill.

Fun Fun Fun

Children love rolling and tumbling around and the Portlaosie Gymnastic center has a fantasic facilty to accomodate toddlers classes in a fun, safe, supervised and friendly environment.


Thank you Portlaoise Gymnastics for your dedication to our children you truly are an outstanding club

Fiona Kelleher

My boy attends the toddler class on Fridays. The ladies are superb! Excellent engagement with the children. Lots of fun every week.

Liz Lane



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Tuesday: 2pm

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